Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A catchup

OK, I've not been good at keeping the blog up to date, so here is a bit of a poorly written catchup in a deadspot at work.

Firstly I've been quite social of late, mostly pub trips with friends including a really nice walk to the Doublelocks.

I'm also now the proud owner of a pair of beautiful dumbo rats called Frankie and Rocky, I'll try and get some pictures and more about then up in the next couple of days.

Together with a couple of friends we have started a Goth fitness group, doing regular runs with the goal of being more more fabulous, so far we are doing about 2 miles at a time but hope to increase that soon.

Am also trying to plan my outfit for Rocky Horror in a couple of weeks time. I have a few ideas, mostly variations on Sexy Goth and will definatly take pictures on the night.

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