Sunday, 9 November 2008


Whilst I might now be confident to strut my stuff on the streets of this city, I'm currently on a mission to hide my girl stuff. My dad is coming over tomorrow to fix the shower and I'm not out to him as yet (Mum knows but he doesn't officially), so I've been tidying and moving all the boots and other things to the bedroom until tomorrow afternoon.

Annoyingly I have also managed to acquire the dreaded lurgy from somewhere, my throats been awful for the last day or so and now my nose is streaming. Hopefully it will get a bit better now I have a couple of days off and so can rest up. The constant talking I have to do at work can't have helped. Another reason to get away from working in a call centre.

Anyway I need to head to bed now and hopefully I will be able to take a shower by tomorrow evening :)

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