Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year shopping - part 2

Another part of my new year shopping came today (I was amazed they were delivering on a sunday)

In less good news, the purple dress is in no way shape or form a 14, I've burst a seam... Oh well - it was only about £5 and its not worth fighting when it's ebay (who don't do customer service). I think I'll stick to actual shops more, at least I can make an educated guess!

Anyway I have been out en femme today, though walking 3 miles in the new boots was probably not the best idea I've had. I also wore jeans, a cape coat with three quarter sleaves, full leather opera gloves underneath, the now torn purple dress. My make up could have been better but I think the result was quite good!

The light was really starting to fade by that point so I'm afraid that's the only photo. My confidence has certainly grown. Next time it will have to be a full shopping trip - I'd neglected to take money today, though I did have enough to get some tissues in the Co-Op on the Quay - couldn't have queued 6 months ago!

Now I think I'll have a bath to rest my feet - its back to work tomorrow so this will probably be the last glam for a week or so.

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